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Has your dentist let you down?

Dentists have a professional duty to carry out their work with reasonable care and skill and if they fail to do this they may be found to be negligent and could be liable to you for any loss that you have suffered.

The law does not require dentist to be perfect in all respects – rather, the standard dentist must reach is that of a reasonably competent dentist practising in their specialist area.

The usual areas in which claims dentists arise are incorrect or poor work, misunderstanding or ignoring client wishes and lack of proper standards.

We specialise in all manners of negligence claims against professionals and our leading solicitors have acted on high profile claims, resulting in the worst case in the striking-off of the dentist involved. Happily this is rarely necessary and usually the dentist’s insurers will reimburse the client for any loss.

There are strict time limits to bring a negligence claim against an dentist arise so the sooner you consult us the better.